Papers published ahead of print

Planning island sustainable development policy based on the theory of ecosystem services: A case study of Zhoushan Archipelago, East China — Huan Zhang & Yang Xiao

Someone else’s chain, someone else’s road: U.S. military strategy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and island agency in the Pacific — Sasha Davis, Lexi A. Munger, & Hannah J. Legacy

What could make islanders use a new public transport system? Identifying the determinants of the intention to use a new Reserved Public Transport Lane in the urban area of Fort-de-France, Martinique — Valérie Fointiat & Marie Feliot-Rippeault

Unravelling economic dependence and independence in relation to island sovereignty: The case of Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) — Adam Grydehøj

Sustainable development indicator systems for island cities: The case of Zhoushan Maritime Garden City — Qianhu Chen & Hanning Dong

A composite index of formal sovereignty for small islands and coastal territories — François Alberti & Michaël Goujon

Blue therapeutic spaces on islands: Coastal landscapes and their impact on the health and wellbeing of people in Malta — Bernadine Satariano

Motivations for Indigenous island entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and behavioral economics in Greenland —  Christian William Wennecke, Rikke Becker Jacobsen, & Carina Ren

Bounded by heritage and the Tamar: Cornwall as ‘almost an island’ — Philip Hayward & Christian Fleury

Small islands as ecotourism destinations: A central Mediterranean perspective — Karl Agius, Nadia Theuma, Alan Deidun, & Liberato Camilleri

Tourism, smallness and insularity: A suitable combination for quality of life in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)? — Miguel Puig-Cabrera & Concepción Foronda-Robles

Nascent island tourism policy development in Greenland: A network perspective — Evangelia Petridou, Pär M. Olausson, & Dimitri Ioannides

Sailing towards digitalization when it doesn’t make cents? Analysing the Faroe Islands’ new digital governance trajectory — Keegan McBride

Older residents’ experiences of islandness, identity and precarity: Ageing on Waiheke Island — Laura Bates, Tara Coleman, Janine Wiles, & Robin Kearns 

A sea uprooted: Islandness and political identity on Chiloé Island, Chile — Beatriz Bustos & Álvaro Román

Determinants of tourism flows in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) — Pavla Vítová, Jaromír Harmáček, & Zdeněk Opršal

Sanctuary islands in a hostile matrix: The perception, representation, and protection of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Gulf of Mexico — Philip Hayward

Inequality of opportunity in an outermost region: The case of the Canary Islands — Moises Betancort, Sara Darias-Curvo, Leopoldo Cabrera, Gustavo A. Marrero, Carmen Nieves Pérez, Juan Gabriel Rodríguez, & Daniel Sánchez

A global comparison of non-sovereign island territories: The search for ‘true equality’ — Malcom Ferdinand,  Gert Oostindie, & Wouter Veenendaal

Mainland development policy in an autonomous subnational island jurisdiction: Spatial development and economic dependence in Jeju, South Korea — Seon-Pil Kim

Movement from emerging economies to small island states: motivations of Nigerian educational tourists in North Cyprus — Cahit Ezel & Huseyin Arasli

How far can one go? How distance matters in island development — Godfrey Baldacchino

Island-raised but foreign-made: Lived experiences, transnational relationships, and expressions of womanhood among Cape Verdean migrant women in Greater Lisbon — Kaian Lam