Vol. 12(1) (May 2017)


Pages 1-2: Table of Contents


Pages 3-16: A future of island studies - Adam Grydehøj 

Scholarly papers

Thematic section: Papers from the Islands of the World XIV conference in Mytilene, Levos, May 2016 (guest editor: Thanasis Kizos)

Pages 17-20:  Guest editorial: Papers from Islands of the World XIV conference, May 2016 - Thanasis Kizos 

Pages 21-34: Island societies and mainland nation-building in the Mediterranean: Sardinia and Corsica in Italian, French, and Catalan nationalismMarcel A. Farinelli 

Pages 35-52: ‘What do you see in the landscape?’: visibility analysis in the island landscape of Sifnos, GreeceGeorgios Tsilimigkas & Evangelia-Theodora Derdemezi 

Pages 53-70: Environmental policy and climate change vulnerability in the Maldives: from the ‘lexicon of risk’ to social response to changeStefano Malatesta & Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg 

Pages 71-94: Sustainable local development on Aegean Islands: a meta-analysis of the literatureSofia Karampela, Charoula Papazoglou, Thanasis Kizos, & Ioannis Spilanis 

Pages 95-114: Supporting insular research and development: the ‘Archipelago’ information systemMichail Vaitis, Vasilis Kopsachilis, George Papapanos, Dimitris Simos, Nikoletta Koukourouvli, & Sophia Karampela

Pages 115-134: The role of science in sustainability transitions: citizen science, transformative research, and experiences from Samothraki island, Greece – Panos Petridis, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Simron J. Singh, & Dominik Noll 

Pages 135-150: North Aegean island landscapes as ecomuseums: the case of Lesvos IslandEvangelos Pavlis

Other scholarly papers

Pages 151-168: Tout le monde a sa place? MIRAB, education, and society in Wallis and FutunaAlice Jacobs & John Overton  

Pages 169-186: Island community: identity formulation via acceptance through the environment in Saaremaa, EstoniaJana Raadik Cottrell 

Pages 187-206: Reiterating the boundary: community discourse in light of proposed technological change on Vinalhaven Island, Maine, USAJessica E. Brophy

Pages 207-222: Immigration and the competitiveness of an island tourism destination: a knowledge-based reputation analysis of Lanzarote, Canary IslandsDesiderio Juan García-Almeida & Esther Hormiga 

Pages 223-242: The competitive value of territorial resources for photovoltaic energy on the island of Gran Canaria – Francisco Santana Sarmiento, Francisca Rosa Álamo Vera, & Petra De Saá Pérez 

Pages 243-254: Toponymy and nissology: an approach to defining the Balearic Islands’ geographical and cultural characterAntoni Ordinas Garau & Jaume Binimelis Sebastián 

Book Reviews

Pages 255-256: Island genres, genre islands: conceptualisation and representation in popular fiction by Ralph Crane and Lisa Fletcher (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 257-258: Fantasy islands: Chinese dreams and ecological fears in an age of climate crisis by Julie Sze (reviewer: James P. Warren) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 259-260: Islands, identity and the literary imagination by Elizabeth McMahon (reviewer: Robert Clarke) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 261-262: Insular toponymies: place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island by Joshua Nash (reviewer: David Blair) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 263-264: Hearing the future: the music and magic of the Sanguma band by Denis Crowdy (reviewer: Henry Johnson) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 265-266: L’Arcipelago della Pace: le isole Åland e il Baltico by Deborah Paci (reviewer: Saila Heinikoski) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 267-268: Theorising literary islands: the island trope in contemporary Robinsonade narratives by Ian Kinane (reviewer: Emmanuelle Peraldo) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 269-270: Kīkā Kila: how the Hawaiian steel guitar changed the sound of modern music by John W. Troutman (reviewer: Thomas Malm) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 271-272: Insularity: small worlds in linguistic and cultural perspectives by Ralf Heimrath and Arndt Kremer (eds.) (reviewer: Johannes Riquet) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 273-274: Time and a place: an environmental history of Prince Edward Island by Edward MacDonald, Joshua MacFadyen, and Irené Novaczek (eds.) (reviewer: Pete Hay) [Book Review as PDF]

Pages 275-276: Dark paradise: Pacific islands in the nineteenth-century British imagination by Jenn Fuller (reviewer: Barney Samson) [Book Review as PDF]


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