Vol. 7 (2) (Nov 2012)

Island Studies Journal – ISSN: 1715 – 2593

Vol. 7, No. 2, November 2012


 Pages 175 - 176:            Table of Contents


Scholarly Articles:

 Pages 177 - 198:          The European Regional Development Fund and Island Regions:

                                       An Evaluation of the 2000-06 and 2007-13 Programs

             Harvey W. Armstrong, Benito Giordano, Thanasis Kizos, Calum Macleod,

             Lise Smed Olsen and Ioannis Spilanis

             [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


 Pages 199 - 214:          Accessibility of Peripheral Regions: Evidence from Aegean Islands (Greece)

            Ioannis Spilanis, Thanasis Kizos and Paraskevi Petsioti

            [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


 Pages 215 - 234:          Virtually Impossible: Deleuze and Derrida on the Political Problem of Islands

                                      (and Island Studies)

                                      Stewart Williams

                                      [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


 Pages 235 - 258:         ‘Genuine Jersey’: Branding and Authenticity in a Small Island Culture

                                     Henry Johnson

                                     [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


 Pages 259 - 270:         Constitutional Amendment Methods in Twenty One Small Island Democracies

           Dag Anckar

           [Abstract] [Full Article PDF]

 Book Reviews:

 Pages 271 - 298:         

Inseln und Archipele. Kulturelle Figuren des Insularen zwischen Isolation und Entgrenzung [Islands and Archipelagos. Cultural Figures of the Insular between Isolation and Delimitation] by Anna E. Wilkens, Patrick Ramponi & Helge Wendt (eds.)  (reviewer: Sophie Engelen)

Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake by Mark Schuller and Pablo Morales (eds.) (reviewer: Ilan Kelman

Sports Event Management: The Caribbean Experience by Lesley-Anne Jordan, Ben Tyson, Carolyn Hale and David Truly (eds.) (reviewer: Stephen A. Royle)

Garrote: The Illusion of Social Equality and Political Justice in the United States Virgin Islands by H. Akia Gore  (reviewer: Lomarsh Roopnarine)

Summoning the Powers Beyond: Traditional Religions in Micronesia by Jay Dobbin (reviewer: David Kupferman

Ferry Tales: Mobility, Place, and Time on Canada’s West Coast by Phillip Vannini (reviewer: Gary N. Wilson)

Despite This Loss: Essays on Culture, Memory and Identity in Newfoundland and Labrador by Ursula A. Kelly & Elizabeth Yeoman (eds.) (reviewer: Judith P. Robertson)

Imperial Andamans: Colonial Encounter and Island History by Aparna Vaidik (reviewer: M. Satish Kumar)

Islands Beyond the Horizon: The Life of Twenty of the World’s Most Remote Places  by Roger Lovegrove  (reviewer: Chris Perkins)

From One Island to Another: A Celebration of Island Connections by Karin Topsø Larsen (Ed.) (reviewer: Jørgen Rasmussen)

Island Songs: A Global Repertoire by Godfrey Baldacchino (Ed.) (reviewer: Hans Utter)

Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World by Nicholas Shaxson (reviewer: Mark Hampton)

Islanded Identities: Constructions of Postcolonial Cultural Insularity by Maeve McCusker and Anthony Soares (eds.) (reviewer: Charles Forsdick)


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