Vol. 15(2) (Nov 2020)


Pages 1-2: Table of Contents

Scholarly Papers

Thematic section: Silk Road archipelagos: Islands in the Belt & Road Initiative (Editors: Adam Grydehøj, Sasha Davis, & Huan Zhang) 

Guest editorial: Silk Road archipelagos: Islands in the Belt & Road Initiative — Adam Grydehøj, Sasha Davis, Rui Guo, & Huan Zhang (pp. 3-12)

Someone else’s chain, someone else’s road: U.S. military strategy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and island agency in the Pacific — Sasha Davis, Lexi A. Munger, & Hannah J. Legacy (pp. 13-36)

Island territorial disputes and China’s ‘Shelving Disputes and Pursuing Joint Development’ policy — Tao Yu & Bingyao Li (pp. 37-54)

Perceiving the Silk Road Archipelago: Archipelagic relations within the ancient and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road — Baoxia Xie, Xianlong Zhu, & Adam Grydehøj (pp. 55-72)

The relationship between China-South Pacific island countries tourism and trade in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative — Fang Ye, Jaepil Park, ChunLin Li, & Yixiong He (pp. 73-92)

A road to island sovereignty and empowerment? Fiji’s aims within the Belt and Road Initiative — Adrien Rodd (pp. 93-118)

Indian Ocean island sustainable development in the context of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road — Shuneng Zhong & Xili Wu (pp. 119-130)

International linkages, geopolitics, and the Belt and Road Initiative: A comparison of four island territories — Ying-ho Kwong & Mathew Y.H. Wong (pp. 131-154)

The Maritime Silk Road’s potential effects on outer island development: The Natuna Islands, Indonesia — Hertria Putri & Wilmar Salim (pp. 155-172)

Island climate change adaptation and global public goods within the Belt and Road Initiative — Chunlin Li, Jianqing Chen, & Adam Grydehøj (pp. 173-192)

Thematic section: Islands, history, memory (Editor: May Joseph)

Guest editorial: Islands, history, decolonial memory — May Joseph (pp. 193-200)

This shoal which is not one: Island studies, performance studies, and Africans who fly — Rebecca Schneider (pp. 201-218)

Imagining Ro: On the social life of islets and the politics of islandography — Maria Hadjimichael, Costas M. Constantinou, & Marinos Papaioakeim (pp. 219-236)

Islands of memory, islands of trauma: The case of Dongzhou, Hengyang, China — Gang Hong (pp. 237-254)

Mourning Balliceaux: Towards a biography of a Caribbean island of death, grief and memory — Niall Finneran & Christina Welch (pp. 255-272)

In spaces in between–From recollections to nostalgia: Discourses of bridge and island place — Jana Raadik Cottrell & Stuart P. Cottrell (pp. 273-290)

Other scholarly papers

The back side of the postcard: Subversion of the island tourist gaze in the contemporary Mallorcan imaginary — Mercè Picornell (pp. 291-314)

Tourism, accommodation, and the regional economy in Indonesia’s West Papua — Oscar Tiku & Tetsuo Shimizu (pp. 315-334)

Impact of land use on coastline change of island cities: A case of Zhoushan Island, China — Yizhou Wu, Shuai Wang, Jiacheng Yang, Siqin Wu, Heyuan You, & Yue Wang (pp. 335-352)

Impacts of the peer-to-peer market on tourist accommodation on the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca — Beatriz Benítez-Aurioles (pp. 353-370)

Japanese public health nurses’ culturally sensitive disaster nursing for small island communities — Miki Marutani,  Shimpei Kodama, & Nahoko Harada (pp. 371-386)

Book reviews

The aesthetics of island space: Perception, ideology, geopoetics by Johannes Riquet (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh)

If everyone returned, the island would sink: Urbanisation and migration in Vanuatu by Kirstie Petrou (reviewer: Liam Saddington)

Complicated simplicity: Island life in the Pacific Northwest by Joy Davis (reviewer: Sarah Davidson)

So many islands: stories from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans by Nicholas Laughlin & Nailah Folami Imoja (Eds.) (reviewer: David Philips)

Listening for the dead bells: Highland magic in Prince Edward Island by Marian Bruce (reviewer: Megan Lane MacDonald)

The age of the island: In search of new and disappearing islands by Alastair Bonnet (reviewer: Bob Frame)

A short history of Ireland, 1500-2000 by John Gibney (reviewer: Lin Sun)

African islands: Leading edges of empire and globalization by Toyin Falola, R. Joseph Parrott, & Danielle Porter Sanchez (Eds.) (reviewer: Amina Ghezal)

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