Vol. 14(1) (May 2019)

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Table of Contents (pp. 1-2)

Scholarly Papers

Thematic section: More than just SIDS: local solutions for global problems on small islands (Guest editors: Jan Petzold & Beate Ratter) 

Guest editorial: More than just SIDS: local solutions for global problems on small islands — Jan Petzold & Beate Ratter (pp. 3-8)

Motivating sustainable behavior: waste management and freshwater production on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy — Lillian Howell & Russell Fielding  (pp. 9-20)

European island Outermost Regions and climate change adaptation: a new role for regional planningCecilia Ribalaygua, Francisco García, & Héctor García Sánchez (pp. 21-40)

Options for achieving Cape Verde’s 100% renewable electricity goal: a review — Erik Nordman, Abigail Barrenger, Jessica Crawford, Jacob McLaughlin, & Chad Wilcox (pp. 41-58)

Community-based adaptation to climate change: lessons from Tanna Island, Vanuatu — Tahlia Clarke, Karen E. McNamara, Rachel Clissold, & Patrick D. Nunn (pp. 59-80)

What is shaping vulnerability to climate change? The case of Laamu Atoll, Maldives — Karen E. McNamara, Rachel Clissold, Annah Piggott-McKellar, Lisa Buggy, & Aishath Azfa (pp. 81-100)

Other Scholarly Papers

A typology of the employment-education-location challenges facing rural island youth — Gordon B. Cooke & Bui K. Petersen (pp. 101-124)

Envisioning the Sicilian-Maltese archipelago: a Braudelian inspired triple-level analysis of a European cross-border region — Francesco Maria Camonita (pp. 125-146)

CSR as a strategy for public-private relationships in protected island territories: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands — Olga González-Morales & Agustín Santana Talaveray (PP. 147-162)

Tourism demand and migration nexus in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): applying the tourism demand model in the Pacific region — Kantaro Takahashi (pp. 163-174)

A sea of islands, a sea of crime: island crime fiction in the Aegean Sea — Ralph Crane (pp. 175-186)

Sense of place predictors of perceived effects of a proposed island to mainland bridge on future experience — Jana Raadik Cottrell & Stuart P. Cottrell (pp. 187-204)

Book reviews

Solution protocols to festering island disputes: ‘win-win’ solutions for the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands by Godfrey Baldacchino & contributors (reviewer: Romain Chuffart)

Pacific futures, past and present by Warwick Anderson, Miranda Johnson, & Barbara Brookes (Eds.) (reviewer: Susanne Ferwerda)

Archaeology of Pacific Oceania: inhabiting a sea of islands by Mike T. Carson (reviewer: David Burley)

Relational undercurrents: contemporary art of the Caribbean archipelago by Tatiana Flores & Michelle A. Stephens (Eds.) (reviewer: Carlos Garrido Castellano)

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