Papers published ahead of print

Notes on an archipelagic ethnography: Ships, seas, and islands of relation in the Indian Ocean — Nidhi Mahajan

Geopolitics of the colonial prison island: The case of Poulo Condor (Con Dao) — Sophie Fuggle

Island archaeology, identity and resilience in Menorca through the Roman Epoch — Margaret A. Amundson

Marine biodiversity of a pristine coral reef in French Polynesia — David Lecchini, Frédéric Bertucci, Lily Fogg, Camille Gache, Pascal Ung, Yann Lacube, Cecile Berthe, Viliame Waqalevu, Alain Siu, & Tamatoa Bambridge

Beyond the vulnerability/resilience dichotomy: Perceptions of and responses to the climate crisis on Emau, Vanuatu — Sophie Ruehr

The stunning birth of tourism on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera — Joan Carles Cirer-Costa

Riverine Complexity: Islandness, socio-spatial perceptions and modification—a case study of the lower Richmond River — Christian Fleury & Philip Hayward

The impeded archipelago of Corsica and Sardinia — Marcel A. Farinelli

Island tourism carrying capacity in the UNESCO Site Laurisilva of Madeira — Luís Mota, Mara Franco, & Rossana Santos

Resilience and autonomy at stake: The public construct of the Paf gambling company in the Åland Islands community — Tuulia Lerkkanen & Matilda Hellman

Electoral politics, party performance, and governance in Greenland: Parties, personalities, and cleavages in an autonomous subnational island jurisdiction — Yi Zhang, Xinyuan Wei, & Adam Grydehøj

Island as urban artifact/archipelago as urban model — Brian McGrath

Seapower, geostrategic relations, and islandness: The World War II Destroyers for Bases deal — Colin Flint

Tourism imaginaries and the selective perception of visitors: Postcolonial heritage in Con Dao Islands, Vietnam — Thi Kim Phung Dang

Disrupted identities and forced nomads: A post-disaster legacy of neocolonialism in the island of Barbuda, Lesser Antilles — Sophia Perdikaris, Rebecca Boger, Edith Gonzalez, Emira Ibrahimpašić, & Jennifer D. Adams

‘St Helena, an island between’: Multiple migrations, small island resilience, and survival — Charlotte Parker

Islander migrations and the oceans: From hopes to fears? — Ilan Kelman & Robert Stojanov

Islands and the rise of correlational epistemology in the Anthropocene: Rethinking the trope of the ‘canary in the coalmine’ — David Chandler & Jonathan Pugh

Movement from emerging economies to small island states: motivations of Nigerian educational tourists in North Cyprus — Cahit Ezel & Huseyin Arasli

Island-raised but foreign-made: Lived experiences, transnational relationships, and expressions of womanhood among Cape Verdean migrant women in Greater Lisbon — Kaian Lam