Island Studies Journal, Vol. 12(2) (Nov 2017)

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Scholarly Papers

Thematic section: Islands of China and the Sinophone world (Guest editors: Adam Grydehøj, Otto Heim, & Huan Zhang)

Guest editorial: Islands of China and the Sinophone world - Adam Grydehøj, Otto Heim, & Huan Zhang (pp. 3-6)

Locating Zhuhai between land and sea: a relational production of Zhuhai, China, as an island city - Gang Hong (pp. 7-24)

Sacred islands and island symbolism in Ancient and Imperial China: an exercise in decolonial island studies - Bin Luo & Adam Grydehøj (pp. 25-44)

Migratory patterns and population redistribution in China’s Zhoushan Archipelago in the context of rapid urbanization -  Wenze Yue, Shuangshuang Qiu, Huan Zhang, & Jiaguo Qi (pp. 45-60)

Bridges, tunnels, and ferries: connectivity, transport, and the future of Hong Kong’s outlying islands - Abraham Leung, Michael Tanko, Matthew Burke, & C.S. Shui (pp. 61-82)

The floating community of Muslims in the island city of Guangzhou - Ping Su (pp. 83-96)

Relational geography of a border island: local development and compensatory destruction on Lieyu, Taiwan - Su-Hsin Lee, Wen-Hua Huang, & Adam Grydehøj (pp. 97-112)   

State size and democratization in hybrid regimes: the Chinese island cities of Macau and Hong Kong - Ying-ho Kwong & Mathew Y.H. Wong (pp. 113-126)

Yujiale fishing tourism and island development in Changshan Archipelago, Changdao, China - Ming Ming Su, Geoffrey Wall, & Sangui Wang (pp. 127-142)

Marginalisation of the Dan fishing community and relocation of Sanya fishing port, Hainan Island, China - Zuan Ou & Guoqing Ma (pp. 143-158)                      

Residents’ attitudes toward island tourism development in Taiwan - Chia-Pin Yu, Yu-Chih Huang, Pa-Fang Yeh, & Pei-Hua Chao (pp. 159-176)

Island ecosystem services value, land-use change, and the National New Area Policy in Zhoushan Archipelago, China - Shuangshuang Qiu, Wenze Yue, Huan Zhang, & Jiaguo Qi (pp. 177-198)

Urban morphology and urban fragmentation in Macau, China: island city development in the Pearl River Delta megacity region - Ni Sheng, U Wa Tang, & Adam Grydehøj (pp. 199-212)

Resident and visitor perceptions of island tourism: green sea turtle ecotourism in Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan - Yu-Long Chao & Shang-Yu Chao (pp. 213-228) 

Thematic section: Island fictions and metaphors in contemporary literature (Guest editors: Katrin Dautel & Kathrin Schödel)

Guest editorial: Island fictions and metaphors in contemporary literature — Katrin Dautel & Kathrin Schödel (pp. 229-238)

On sensing island spaces and the spatial practice of island-making: introducing island poetics, Part I - Daniel Graziadei, Britta Hartmann, Ian Kinane, Johannes Riquet, & Barney Samson (pp. 239-252)

Island metapoetics and beyond: introducing island poetics, Part II - Daniel Graziadei, Britta Hartmann, Ian Kinane, Johannes Riquet, & Barney Samson (pp. 253-266)

Dreaming of islands: individuality and utopian desire in post-Darwinian literature - Niall Sreenan (pp. 267-280)      

Island geopoetics and the postcolonial discourse of Sardinia in German-language literature - Valentina Serra (pp. 281-290)                        

Narrating islands: fragmentation and totality as figures of thought in Raoul Schrott’s work - Oriana Schällibaum (pp. 291-302)                        

Towards an archipelagraphic literary methodology: reading the archipelago in Julieta Campos’ The Fear of Losing Eurydice - Dani Redd (pp. 303-316)

“It’ll be our own little Wales out there”: re-situating Bardsey Island for post-devolution Wales in Fflur Dafydd’s Twenty Thousand Saints - Kieron Smith, Jon Anderson, Kirsti Bohata, & Jeffrey Morgan (pp. 317-328)

Book reviews

Archipelagic American studies by Brian Russell Roberts & Michelle Ann Stephens (eds) (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh) (pp. 329-330)

Un entramado de islas: persona, medio ambiente y cambio climático en el Pacífico occidental by Carlos Mondragón (reviewer: Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert) (pp. 330-331)

Vertical: the city from satellites to bunkers by Stephen Graham (reviewer: Alison Williams) (pp. 331-333)

Scotland: mapping the islands by Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes, & Charles W.J. Withers (reviewer: Vanessa Collingridge) (pp. 333-334)

Othello’s secret: the Cyprus problem by R.M. Christofides (reviewer: Rosemary Gaby) (pp. 334-335)

Pacific ways: government and politics in the Pacific islands by Stephen Levine (reviewer: Sasha Davis) (pp. 336-337)

The Caribbean before Columbus by William F. Keegan & Corinne L. Hofman (reviewer: Philippa Mein Smith) (pp. 337-338)

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