Island Studies Journal - Vol. 3, No. 2 (November 2008)


Island Studies Journal - Vol. 3, No. 2, November 2008


Scholarly Articles:


Pages 153 - 162: Writing Tasmania's 'Different Soul'
Pages 163 - 174: Les Méduses dans la Marée de l'Histoire:
L'Anse aux Meadows, Nan Sdins and Cultural Heritage Agendas

Philip Hayward


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Pages 175 - 198: Branding from Above:
Generic Cultural Branding in Shetland and Other Islands


Adam Grydehøj


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Review Essays:

Pages 199 - 210: An Island Studies Course at a Liberal Arts Institution:
Pedagogy from a Natural History Perspective

David Sunderlin and Lijuan Xu
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Pages 211 - 224: Islands in Between:
Martín García and other Geopolitical Flashpoints

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Pages 225 - 246: The Political Economy of China's Incursion

into the Caribbean and Pacific


Jerome L. McElroy and Wenwen Bai

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Book Reviews:

Pages 247 - 282 [Full Book Reviews Section PDF]




Pitcairn, Paradise Lost: Uncovering the Dark Secrets of a South Pacific Fantasy Island by Kathy Marks (reviewer: Lisa Fletcher);
Claims to Memory: Beyond Slavery and Emancipation in the French Caribbean by Catherine A. Reinhardt (reviewer: William F. S. Miles);

Writing on Stone: Scenes from a Maine Island Life by Christina M. Gillis(reviewer: Suzanne Thomas);

The Anthropology of Morality in Melanesia and Beyond by John Barker (ed.) (reviewer: Heather Winlow);

Gender, Christianity and Change in Vanuatu: An Analysis of Social Movements in North Ambrym by Annelin Eriksen (reviewer: Wendy Cowling);

Islands at the End of the World by Steven R. Fischer and Inventing 'Easter Island' by Beverley Haun (reviewer: Grant McCall);

Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States by Janet Strachan and Constance Vigilance (editors)
(reviewer: Harvey Armstrong);


Mediterranean Islands: A Unique and Comprehensive Guide to the Islands and Islets of the Mediterranean by Charles Arnold (ed.) (reviewer: Chet Van Duzer);

Nokonofo Kitea: (We Keep on Living This Way): Myths and Music of Futuna, Vanuatu by Janet Dixon Keller and Kuautonga Takaronga (reviewer: Philip Hayward);

Mobility and Place: Enacting Northern European Peripheries by Jorgen Ole Bærenholdt and Brynhild Granås (editors) (reviewer: Martina Tyrrell);

Pulling Strings: Policy Insights for Prince Edward Island from Other Sub-National Island Jurisdictions by Godfrey Baldacchino and Kathleen Stuart (editors) (reviewer: G. Edward MacDonald);

Asia in the Pacific Islands: Replacing the West by Ron Crocombe (reviewer: Jean Mitchell);

Labour Markets in Small Developing States by Andrew S. Downes (ed.) (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino);

Isolario by Bartolomeo dalli Sonetti (reviewer: Chet Van Duzer);

Cultures of the Lusophone Black Atlantic by Nancy P. Naro, Roger Sansi-Roca and David H. Treece (editors) (reviewer: Anthony Soares).




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