Island Studies Journal - Vol. 3, No. 1 (May 2008)

Island Studies Journal - Vol. 3, No. 1, May 2008



Scholarly Articles:

Pages 3 - 16: The Challenge of Nissology: A Global Outlook on the World Archipelago - Part I: Scene Setting the World Archipelago
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]
Pages 17 - 36: The Challenge of Nissology: A Global Outlook on the World Archipelago - Part II: The Global and Scientific Vocation of Nissology
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 37 - 56: Studying Islands: On Whose Terms? Some Epistemological and Methodological Challenges to the Pursuit of Island Studies

[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 57 - 72: Reading the News: Pitcairn Island at the Beginning of the 21st Century
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Pages 73 - 96: Start-Up Success in a Small Island State: A Study among Entrepreneurs in Malta
Leonie Baldacchino, Vincent Cassar & Albert Caruana
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Review Essays:

Pages 97 - 112: Tourism in Cold Water Islands: A Matter of Contract? Experiences from Destination Management in the Polar North

Per Åke Nilsson
[Abstract] [Full Essay PDF]

Pages 113 - 128: Between De Jure and De Facto Statehood: Revisiting the Status of Taiwan

Barry Bartmann
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Book Reviews:
Pages 129 - 150 [Full Book Reviews Section PDF]

The Routledge Companion to Decolonization by Dietmar Rothermund (editor); (reviewer: Peter Larmour)
A World of Islands: An Island Studies Reader by Godfrey Baldacchino (editor); (reviewer: Russell King);

Cloud of Bone by Bernice Morgan; (reviewer: Judith P. Robertson);

Island Journeys: Exploring the Legacy of France by Patti M. Marxsen; (reviewer: Stephen A. Royle);

The Dance of the Islands: Insularity, Networks, The Athenian Empire and the Aegean World by Christy Constantakopoulou; reviewer:
Chet Van Duzer );

Pacific Voices: Equity and Sustainability in Pacific Islands Fisheries by Irene Novaczek, Jean Mitchell & Joeli Veitayaki (editors); (reviewer: Elaine Ward);

Bridging Islands
: The Impact of Fixed Links by Godfrey Baldacchino (editor) (reviewer: Philip Vannini);


Commonwealth Small States: Issues and Prospects by Eliawony J. Kisanga & Sarah Jane Danchie (editors); (reviewer: Geoff Bertram);

Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 33, No. 5, by Kevin J. Edwards (guest editor); (reviewer: Russell Fielding).

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