Island Studies Journal - Vol. 1, No. 1 (May 2006)


Island Studies Journal - Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2006



Scholarly Articles:

Pages 3 – 18: Islands, Island Studies, Island Studies Journal
Godfrey Baldacchino
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 19 - 42: A Phenomenology of Islands
Pete Hay
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 43 – 54: Islandness or Smallness? A Comparative Look at Political Institutions in Small Island States
Dag Anckar
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 55 – 80: The Coastal Zone of Islands: Comparative Reflections from the North and South
Sue Farran
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 81 – 108: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management in Insular Southeast Asia
Gerard A. Persoon & Merlijn van Weerd
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Pages 109 – 124: Eden in Peril: Impact of Humans on Pacific Island Ecosystems
Moshe Rapaport
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]


Review Essays:


Pages 125 – 142: Islanders’ Perspectives on Sustainable Living
Gillian Cambers
[Abstract] [Full Essay PDF]


Pages 143 – 162: From Odysseus to Robinson Crusoe: A Survey of Early Literature
Chet Van Duzer
[Abstract] [Full Essay PDF]



Book Reviews


Pages 163 – 180: [Full Book Reviews Section PDF]
Paradise Island by Paul Albury - (reviewer: Edward MacDonald);
Collapse by Jared Diamond - (reviewer: Philip Hayward);
United Kingdom Overseas Territories by David Killingray & David Taylor - (reviewer: Stephen Royle);
Liber Insularum Archipelagi by Cristoforo Buondelmonti - (reviewer: Annette Gerstenberg);
Los islarios by José Manuel Montesdeoca Medina - (reviewer: Mercedes Delgado Pérez);
Island Days by Roger Perry - (reviewer: Michael Swales);
Paradise Overseas by Gert Oostindie - (reviewer: Ralph Premdas);
Longitude and Empire by Brian W. Richardson - (reviewer: Philip Steinberg).


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