Island Studies Journal - Vol. 2, No. 2 (November 2007)


Island Studies Journal - Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2007


Scholarly Articles:

Pages 163 - 176: Contrasting Socio-Economic and Demographic Profiles of Two, Small Island, Economic Species: MIRAB versus PROFIT/SITE
Ashley Oberst & Jerome L. McElroy
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF] [Data Annex: xls file]
Pages 177 - 192: The Quarantine Protection of Sub-Antarctic Australia: Two Islands, Two Regimes
Sandra Potter
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]
Pages 193 - 208: Archipelagos and Political Engineering: The Impact of Non-Contiguity on Devolution in Small States
Dag Anckar
[Abstract] [Full Article PDF]
Pages 209 - 228: Industrial Development in an Island Economy: US Trade Policy and Canned Tuna Production in AmericanSamoa
Liam Campling & Elizabeth Havice
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Review Essays:

Pages 229 - 238: Straw Boats and the Proverbial Sea: A Response to 'Island Archaeology: In Search of a New Horizon'
Scott M. Fitzpatrick, Jon M. Erlandson, Atholl Anderson & Patrick V. Kirch
[Abstract] [Full Essay PDF]

Pages 239 - 254: Reappraising the Legacy of Colonialism: A Response to Feyrer and Sacerdote
Geoff Bertram
[Abstract] [Full Essay PDF]

Pages 255 - 260: Reappraising the Legacy of Colonialism: The Value of an Island Sample - A Response to Bertram
James Feyrer & Bruce Sacerdote
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Book Reviews:

Pages 261 - 282 [Full Book Reviews Section PDF]

Islands in the Salish Sea: A Community Atlas by Sheila Harrington & Judy Stevenson (editors); (reviewer: Phil Hayward)


The Insular Cases and the Emergence of American Empire by Bartholomew H. Sparrow; (reviewer: John R. Gillis);

Texts and Contexts: Reflections in Pacific Islands Historiography by Doug Munro & Brij V. Lal (editors); (reviewer: Tracey McKay);

Îles et Populations en Méditerranée Occidentale by Emile Kolodny;(reviewer: Russell King);

From Election to Coup in Fiji: The 2006 Campaign and its Aftermath by Jon Fraenkel & Stewart Firth (editors); (reviewer: Michael C. Howard );

Routes and Roots: Navigating Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures by Elizabeth DeLoughrey; (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino);

: Castaways, Cannibals and Fantasies of Conquest by Rebecca Weaver-Hightower; (reviewer: Stephen A. Royle);


Benedeit, Le Voyage de Saint Brendan by Ian Short & Brian Merrilees; (reviewer: Sarah-Jane Murray);

Porcacci: Thomaso Porcacchis L’Isole piu famose del mondo. Zur Text- und Wortgeschichte der Geographie im Cinquecento by Annette Gerstenberg; (reviewer: Heinz Jürgen Probst).


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