ISJ-Acceptance Policy

Every effort will be made to provide a quick response to submitted manuscripts.

To be considered for publication in Island Studies Journal (ISJ), submissions should meet the following criteria:

Manuscripts should always be concise and well-written, intended to advance the study of islands and/or issues affecting islands. They will normally be sent out for review to at least two independent scholars, and would benefit from additional critical comments by the ISJ editors. Authors submitting manuscripts for possible publication are advised to write clearly and lucidly, since not all ISJ’s diverse readers would necessarily share the authors’ disciplinary background.

Book Reviews should be succinct, critical yet constructive, and meant to provide a useful summary of a text while situating it in a specific theoretical or literary context. They should not exceed 1,000 words.

Authors submitting any material (and any accompanying illustrations, figures, tables, etc.) for publication are automatically deemed to have vested copyright of that same material to the Institute of Island Studies (IIS) at the University of Prince Edward Island. The IIS, in turn, pledges to make such material freely available and without charge exclusively from the ISJ’s website, and on the understanding that such material is properly cited and that such availability is not conducive to commercial gain by third parties. Authors are themselves fully and responsible for obtaining any permission necessary to reproduce copyright material from the appropriate sources.

Island Studies Journal will only publish papers and /or reviews not hitherto published. Any material submitted to be considered for publication will be automatically assumed (a) not to have been published before and (b) not being considered for publication in any other venue at the time of submission to ISJ.